To start and run an academy for imparting and promoting medical education and research


  1. To impart medical education across all medical and surgical specialities
  2. To train individuals in acquiring necessary skills in practicing medical sciences
  3. To evaluate / to assess medical knowledge and skills
  4. To create interest in medical research
  5. To train individuals in research methodology
  6. To teach various statistical methods and tools in carrying out medical research
  7. To conduct training camps and workshops for research skills development
  8. To provide vocational training in paramedical courses, health informatics, medical coding, etc.
  9. To conduct seminars, conferences continuing medical education (CME) for knowledge sharing, to update all with latest developments in medical stream
  10. To create a common platform for interaction between medical teachers and scientists
  11. To initiate and implement e-learning, web-based interactions and conferences, teleconferencing, etc.
  12. To collaborate with various academic institutions, research centres, speciality societies and associations to attain its objectives
  13. To procure different educational and research material in the form of literature, models, charts, computers, equipments, software, etc.
  14. To publish educational, scientific and research material in various modes like books, journals, handouts, pamphlets, online (website, blogs), etc. Publishing activity will be done under the banner of QAMER Publishing House
  15. To hire or employee professionals or consultants for attaining the objectives.